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What Is Air Pruning And How Does It Contribute To Making A Strong & Healthy Fast Growing Tree?

he best growing system for producing a reliable, quality fast growing tree includes the use of the RocketpotTM Air Pruning Container technology. This technology is used by Hidden Valley Trees.

RocketpotTM Air Pruning Containers are a proven technology for producing trees with superior post transplanting growth with less losses than any other growing system.

The term “air pruning” essentially means the roots of the advanced tree are pruned naturally by the air.

How does this happen? What are the results?

The advanced tree is grown in a RocketpotTM Air Pruning Container that has directional cusps and holes in its walls. The cusps and holes are designed to direct the roots of the tree to grow outwards towards the holes. When the roots reach the holes they are then exposed to the air which naturally prunes the root tips. In other words, the length of the root is terminated. This encourages new roots to grow.

This effectively trains the tree to repeatedly grow more roots towards the holes. The process constantly repeats itself and results in a healthy root ball system of vigorous, active root tips ready to take off when the tree is planted. Effectively, you get a fast growing tree!

FACT: Air Pruning technology is far superior over the traditional hard shelled containers and planting bags.

The traditional methods used for tree growing are known to cause many problems reducing the reliability and quality of advanced trees. One of the main problems caused is ‘root circling’. In the majority of cases of ‘root circling’, the only way to correct the problem is to prune the roots of the tree prior to planting. This will cause the tree to experience a form of shock. Shock can effectively inhibit the growth of the tree and cause it to grow very slowly after being planted.

An advanced tree grown in a RocketpotTM Air Pruning Container will not require root pruning prior to planting. There will be no root circling. Transplanting shock will be elliminated or reduced to a minimum. It would have developed an extensive vigorous root ball system comprising of young roots charged with carbohydrates.

When the tree is planted, the fine, dense root system immediately starts to spread. It efficiently gathers an immediate source of nutrients to foster vigorous growth. The tree is able to quickly establish itself.

There are several distinct advantages of buying RocketpotTM Air Pruning Container grown trees:

  • a high quality tree you can rely on
  • establishes quickly and successfully when planted
  • a tree that is quicker to plant into the field
  • a stable tree which requires less staking
  • less losses than from any other growing systems
  • no losses from root deformation as no root circling
  • a tree with a healthy canopy
  • supported by a well balanced root mass

The RocketpotTM Air Pruning Container system will develop a strong and reliable, fast growing tree that will establish quickly and more successfully at the final planting site.

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"We use RocketpotTM Airpruning to ensure the best root system for transplanting and establishing advanced trees."

Barry Whittaker
Hidden Valley Trees