About Us

Hidden Valley Trees Pty Ltd was formed in 1989 with the first clear priority to provide the BEST QUALITY advanced trees at the BEST VALUE to Councils, Landscapers, Landscape Architects, Developers, Land Owners & Retail Nurseries.

We are a mature tree nursery owned and managed by Barry Whittaker.

Barry has specialised in the propogation, growing and maintenance of a large variety of advanced trees. His extensive experience and knowledge has allowed him to successfully test and develop effective techiniques for producing the best quality trees.

By using the RocketpotTM Airpruning Containers of 40cms/60cms Hidden Valley Trees produces trees with excellent fibrous root systems that can be reliably planted for easy and fast establishment.

All species grown by Hidden Valley Trees have been carefully selected to ensure they satisfy all of our customers requirements and hence are totally suitable for the different climates they will be transplanted in.

We are located at the base of Mount Hotham in Harrietville, Victoria. This is in the Oven’s Valley of North East Victoria which provides perfect conditions for producing hardy, well formed trees that are ready to be successfully planted in a range of climates and environments.

mature trees

"We use RocketpotTM Airpruning to ensure the best root system for transplanting and establishing advanced trees."

Barry Whittaker
Hidden Valley Trees